Our Service

Customize Flowers

Don't want to have the same flower arrangements as others, prefer to design a unique bouquet by yourself? No problem! We are welcome to realize your ideas, please contact us to speak your mind.

Bridal Car

Remember how Cinderella went to meet the prince? Of course, a pumpkin carriage is needed as a foil to highlight her beauty. Therefore, bridal car just like the pumpkin carriage, which needs to be decorated beautifully to pick up the bride.

Party Decoration

Want to give him / her a memorable celebration? Flowers, balloons, light… No worries, all the things are in a package, and we can do it all for you. Just let us know your request, we can prepare what you want depends on your needs.

Event Decoration

“Wow! Such a beautiful place.” We must be delighted to hear that from our guests. To impress the guests, the decoration of the venue is very important. Leave it to us, we know well how to get them to say that.

Carboot Surprise

Whether it's a birthday or a marriage proposal, carboot surprise are always romantic. If it is a marriage proposal, it is said that the success rate of getting her to say “I do” has increased by 99%.


Fortune God

We all hope that the god of luck favors us, especially fortune god!! Fortune god to your house is what the amazing experience. Elders especially like. To celebrate your elders special day, fortune god is the best choice to surprise them.