Refund Policy

Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

Please refer to the section Customer Service Information (Inquiries & Refunding) under FAQs for more details regarding policy.

  1. Buyer may apply for this Return, Refund and Exchange Policy if the flowers receiving is not in a good condition for instance wilting or damage (lose the original look, not presentable). Buyer may provide photo of flowers received as proven while contact with us via WhatsApp’s, we will take our action immediately and compensate after investigation.

  2. If buyer receiving a wrong order, totally different with the product that buyers ordered, buyer is also covered under this policy and kindly contact with us via WhatsApp’s for handle the case immediately, we will arrange for sending the correct order or the buyer can request for refund or exchange.

  3. Any changes on the address details, customers may contact us directly at least 1 day before delivery date to ensure that the flower deliver to correct address on time. Failure of giving any advance notice on changing the details of address, Freeland are not responsible for any wrong location delivery and we are not providing any refund in this cases.

  4. In cases of our internal/system problem caused missing order or the order cannot be deliver on time, kindly contact with us or make a phone call for immediately for handle the case as soon as possible.

  5. Buyer takes the responsibility to keep the flowers fresh if the flowers was pick up by buyers but only to be sent to the recipient by next day or after, and we will not be liable for the buyers’ neglect towards the flowers. Buyer may refer to section Basic Information under FAQs for more details to preserve or keep the flowers fresh.