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Classic Set A1 (3).jpg

Birthday Classic Set A1

Wow! It's a cute 'Soft Cloud Baby'~~ It's pink and tender, making people want to pinch!!

RM 99 RM 135

Classic Set A2 (2).jpg

Birthday Classic Set A2

Simple but ceremonial collocation, birthday celebration is also elegant and generous.

RM 99 RM 135

Classic Set A3-A.jpg

Birthday Classic Set A3-A

An exquisite frangance suffuse by mango, pleasing view of flower. The yellowish hue makes my day~

RM 109 RM 149

Classic Set A3-B.jpg

Birthday Classic Set A3-B

An exquisite frangance suffuse by mango, pleasing view of flower. It's a cheerful and beautiful day~~

RM 109 RM 149

Outstanding Set B1.jpg

Birthday Outstanding Set B1

Every girl yearns for a princess-like birthday party~ It's time to make her dream come true!!

RM 169 RM 219

Outstanding Set B2 (3).jpg

Birthday Outstanding Set B2

Elegant and noble tulips bring out your fascination. You are today's Venus.

RM 199 RM 319

Outstanding Set B3 (2).jpg

Birthday Outstanding Set B3

The person I like is a hero, one day, he will step on the colorful clouds to help me celebrate my birthday. o(≧▽≦)o

RM 199 RM 299

Premium Set C1.jpg

Birthday Premium Set C1

No matter what happens, you have to be as happy as today.

RM 319 RM 409

Premium Set C2.jpg

Birthday Premium Set C2

Dreamy purple makes a dreamy birthday; I like a satellite that always guards you~

RM 299 RM 389

Premium Set C3.jpg

Birthday Premium Set C3

In the sea of flowers, enjoy the purest beauty~~

RM 269 RM 319

Deluxe Set D.jpg

Birthday Deluxe Set D

Anything but ordinary. Only a luxurious feast is worthy of you, because you are the protagonist today!!

RM 399 RM 539

Supreme Set E.jpg

Birthday Supreme Set E

You are unique, worthy of being loved in the best way. Today the world is yours.

RM 699 RM 869

4'' Bento Cake (Calendar).jpeg

Bento Cake (Calendar)

Every birthday is like the beginning of a new life, reviewing the previous life and looking forward to a bright future. The calendar is like a notepad, recording the bits and pieces of life.

RM 39

4'' Bento Cake (HB).jpeg

Bento Cake (Happy Birthday)

Wish you a very big Happy Birthday, every day will be as happy and complete as today

RM 39

Pastel Rainbow.jpg

Pastel Rainbow Customized Cake

New deisgn rainbow cake. Comes with 3 different flavour, let's check it out in the info section below.

RM 69 – 89


Doraemon Customized Cake

We all wish there was a friend around us just like Doraemon, when we need help, no matter what the request can help us achieve. Maybe this is the best idea.

RM 119 – 139

Fairy Tales.jpg

Fairy Tales Customized Cake

Every girl has a dream, Prince Charming will inadvertently appear in life, at the moment of looking at each other, already stuck in it and can't extricate. The butterflies come after the flower bloom, be better yourself is the most important thing.

RM 129

Little Princess.jpg

Little Princess Customized Cake

A special deisgn for your little princess!! Princesses are meant to be loved, aren't they?

RM 179


Only the 'Carnation' bouquet

Mother's heart, like the stars in the sky, guides us unknowingly. Although it looks very small, in fact, it warms us in all directions and all the time. What is the sincerest heart in the world, it absolutely the heart of a mother who loves her children. Because her love is unreserved.

RM 110


'Carnation' My Mind bouquet

Relieved, since you dressed warm; since you eat healthy; since you have a good sleep. Sincerely, since we are good, mother feels at ease. Relieved, not even a kind of feeling, but a kind of promise and responsibility for children to let mother feel that we are living well

RM 100


Love 'Carnation' bouquet

The love that caring us in the palm of the hand is so gentle that it makes people feel that they will not suffer any harm. The concern that caring in the heart is so touching that it makes people feel like they are being loved like a treasure.

RM 140


A Little Thought

A mother, a heart, a moment

RM 15 – 100


Collection · Love (pink)

Everyday, small actions, a little attention, is to express those three words

RM 89


Collection · Love (red)

Everyday, small actions, a little attention, is to express thoses three words

RM 89


Beloved (red)

Today is your day. Thanks for your upbringing. Without your care, I wouldn't be where I am today, healthy and strong. Thank you, my dearest mother

RM 120 – 200


Beloved (pink)

Today is your day. Thanks for your upbringing. Without your care, I wouldn't be where I am today, healthy and strong. Thank you, my dearest mother

RM 120 – 200



When I was young, I was determined to make a lot of money when I grew up. I want to take you around the world, I want to take you to eat all over the world, and I want to give you the best.

RM 399


Carnation with Message

There are so many things I want to say to you, some words that are easy to blurt out, others that are difficult to say. Long time, it become more and more, these words that I want to say but can't say, gradually become imaginary conversations

RM 129


Take Heart

You are so busy every day that you seem to be doing the same thing every day, but you never get it done. You take everything to heart, so you do everything with your heart. In fact, you are just an ordinary person, I also began to know your hard work, it is great

RM 169


To My Love

Five lifetimes of miss, in exchange for the love of this life. No matter how many times I have to miss, I will find you. Because this is my destiny.

RM 250


Aurora Roses Bouquet

I want to show you the beauty of this world. The blue of sea, the green of forest, the white of clouds, the pink of sunset, and the once-in-a-lifetime aurora. As if I must meet you in this life

RM 250


Chanel Style Soap Flower Box

Someone said, instead of waiting for others to treat you well, it's better to rely on yourself. And I said, you have me to treat you well, just rely on me

RM 319


Mini Chanel Style Bouquet (3 stalks)

Good things never go out of style. Just like you, gorgeous, love for you will not time out

RM 80


Ice Cream Roses Bouquet (12 stalks)

While seeing ice cream, thinking of snow, but don’t be afraid, I will keep your warm

RM 229


Five · Two Zero

The blessings that have been cultivated in five lifetimes are exchanged for the encounter, acquaintance, acquaintance, and love in this life. Two people, zero distance, stay forever

RM 720

Hot sale

Mermaid Rose Bouquet 人鱼姬玫瑰花束

Mermaid Rose Bouquet 人鱼姬玫瑰花束

Pale pink, lavender, and pale blue, as dreamy as a mermaid's tail; you are like a no restraint mermaid, a unique existence in a vast sea of people

RM 160 – 250

Chanel style bouquet 香奈儿小香风

Chanel style bouquet 香奈儿小香风

The benchmark of fashion - Chanel of the floral world. This is a bouquet synonymous with elegance and nobility. Make her a goddess today

RM 200 – 240

Mini Chanel (Random Colour)

Mini Chanel (Random Colour)

Sophisticated luxury, low-key and simple. Instantly turn into a delicate lady

RM 110 – 130



Plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

RM 380



We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

RM 380



There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

RM 380

(Pre-order) Romantic Encounter

(Pre-order) Romantic Encounter

The retro feeling is like experiencing a lot of things, growing up inadvertently, and then inadvertently opening a romantic love story. Like that very classic sentence: my all along self-disciplined, just to meet you unexpectedly

RM 350

(Pre-order) The Lady

(Pre-order) The Lady

You're so gorgeous, I can't say anything to your face. You should think about the consequence. Of your magnetic field being a little too strong.

RM 230

Joyful Adventure

Joyful Adventure

To celebrate Her Highness' birthday!!

RM 280

Sunshine Again

Sunshine Again

Warming you heart, shining your smile.

RM 180

Angel Heart (Red)

Angel Heart (Red)

This love is impeccable no matter the angle. In the name of love, give love eternal life

RM 299 – 599

Angel Heart (White)

Angel Heart (White)

This love is impeccable no matter the angle. In the name of love, give love eternal life

RM 299 – 599

Love You 2

Love You 2

Love you again and again no matter how many times. Ten times a hundred times a million times, love you all my life

RM 350

Shining Mystery

Shining Mystery

I can’t hide my feelings for you, every passion is worth celebrating. It is the secret that can't be hidden because it’s too bright

RM 169

Drunk Love

Drunk Love

The colorful appearance, multiple flavors, and just the right alcohol content of the Micro Drunk series instantly open the mood and bring a relaxing and stress-free drinking experience. Suitable for all kinds of informal social occasions. “Colorful taste, mix-flavored love”

RM 350

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